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Our principles and approach are well suited to a number of different development challenges. And in the courses that we teach, we include a range of different topics. However, for the CSR guidance that we provide, our primary focus now is on Health sector interventions, as well as meeting the challenges raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. And within this too, we are currently focusing on the public health system, since it is the one that the majority of the population turns to when in need of health care.

Resilient Public Health - For this focus we identified stakeholders for all the interventions that are needed, as well as the specific inputs that are needed from each type of role-player. This was done for immediate relief as well as for long-term resilience of the health care system. The technologies that need to be developed, as well as interfaces between them, have also been identified.


Projects: From this exercise, we have identified full stack of what is needed in each district to build up a fully resilient health network. During the course of the second wave of the pandemic, we were also able to identify specific organisations working on different pieces of this stack. We're now working with them and with donor groups to see how a few such 100% resilient districts can be created.

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