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Most of the CSR expenditure by companies is merely feel-good expenditure by randomly chosen employees to meet a legal obligation. Those who are advising how to spend it are also asking to be paid as consultants, but have rarely themselves solved problems impactfully.

e routinely assess indices of development to determine the deficits that need to be closed, and to find the projects with the most potential to close such gaps. We specifically look for projects that are well aligned to the How Institute's principles for public problem solving.


This is followed by our independent advocacy, in which we do not touch any of the money ourselves, but merely connect donors to recipients.

COVID - The Best Interventions

Mission ICU - Adding 10-20 intensive care beds to district and taluk hospitals in all districts.

Doctors For You -
Total solution for a district integrating hospitals, mobile medical units and public health centers.

Selco Foundation - Solar off-grid power supply and energy efficient buildings to keep health facilities running 24x7.

Khaana Chahiye -
Providing food aid to urban migrants, and helping municipal councils own this responsibility.
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